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growled, you next. Harry moved forward into the middle of the classroom, into the space that Moody had cleared of desks. Moody raised his wand, pointed it at Harry, and said, Imperio! It was the most wonderful feeling. canada goose small Harry felt a floating sensation as every thought and worry in his head was wiped gently away, leaving nothing but a vague, untraceable happiness. He stood there feeling immensely relaxed, only dimly aware of everyone watching him. And then he heard Mad-Eye Moodys voice, echoing in some distant chamber of his empty brain: Jump onto the desk . . . jump onto the desk. . . . Harry bent his knees obediently, preparing to spring. Jump onto the desk. . . . Why, though? Another voice had awoken in the back of his brain. CHAPTE canada goose small R FIFTEEN .. 232 .. Stupid thing to do, really, said the

Lee Jordan had unearthed a Gryffindor banner from somewhere, and he insisted on draping it around Harry like a cloak. Harry couldnt get away; whenever he tried to sidle over to the staircase up to the dormitories, the crowd around him closed ranks, forcing another butterbeer on him, stuffing crisps and peanuts into his hands. . . . Everyone wanted to know how he had done it, how he had tricked Dumbledores Age Line and managed to get his name into the goblet. . . . I didnt, he said, over and canada goose small over again, I dont know how it happened. But for all the notice anyone took, he might just as well not have answered at all. Im tired! he bellowed finally, after nearly ha canada goose small lf an hour. No, seriously, George Im going to bed He wanted more than anything to find Ron and Hermione, to find a bit of sanity,

Viktor Krum slouched in, cast a surly look ove canada goose small r at the pair of them, and settled himself in a distant corner with a pile of books. Come on, Harry, well go back to the common room . . . his fan clubll be here in a moment, twittering away. . . . And sure enough, as they left the library, a gang of girls tiptoed past them, one of them wearing a Bulgaria scarf tied around her waist. Harry barely slept that night. When he awoke on Monday morning, he seriously considered for the first time ever just running away from Hogwarts. But as he looked around the Great Hall at breakfast time, and thoug canada goose small ht about what leaving the castle would mean, he knew he couldnt do it. It was the only place he had ever been happy . . . well, he supposed he must have been happy with his parents too, but he couldnt

twenty-fourth, Harry said. He had put the golden egg upstairs in his trunk and hadnt opened it since the celebration party after the first task. There were still two and a half months to go until canada goose small he needed to know what all the screechy wailing meant, after all. But it might take weeks to work it out! said Hermione. Youre going to look a real idiot if everyone else knows what the next task is and you dont! Leave him alone, Hermione, hes earned a bit of a break, said Ron, and he placed the last two cards on top of the castle and the whole lot blew up, singeing his eyebrows. Nice look, Ron . . . go well with your dress robes, that will. It was Fred and George. They sat down at the table wit canada goose small h Harry, Ron, and Hermione as Ron felt how much damage had been done. Ron, can we borrow Pigwidgeon?

said, careful to keep his voice casual and not sound as though he was accusing the head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports of breaking the rules. Well . . . well, yes, said Bagman impatiently, but come on, Harry we all want a Hogwarts victory, dont we? Have you offered Cedric help? Harry said. The canada goose small smallest of frowns creased Bagmans smooth face. No, I havent, he said. I well, like I say, Ive taken a liking to you canada goose small . Just thought Id offer . . . Well, thanks, said Harry, but I think Im nearly there with the egg . . . couple more days should crack it. CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR .. 448 .. He wasnt entirely sure why he was refusing Bagmans help, except that Bagman was almost a stranger to him, and accepting his assistance would feel somehow much more like cheating than asking advice from

surface. Now what? Harry thought desperately. If he could be sure that Fleur was coming. . . . But still no sign. There was nothing to be canada goose small done except . . . He snatched up the stone, which Krum had dropped, but the mermen now closed in around Ron and the little girl, shaking their heads at him. Harry canada goose small pulled out his wand. Get out of the way! Only bubbles flew out of his mouth, but he had the distinct impression that the mermen had understood him, because they suddenly stopped laughing. Their yellowish eyes were fixed upon Harrys wand, and they looked scared. There might be a lot more of them than there were of him, but Harry could tell, by the looks on their faces, that they knew no more magic than the giant squid did. Youve got until three! Harry shouted; a great stream of bubbles burst

but Krum was hanging back, looking canada goose small extremely nervous. Youre not . . . his? whispered Crouch, his mouth sagging. No, said Harry, without the faintest idea what Crouch was talking about. Dumbledores? Thats right, said Harry. Crouch was pulling him closer; Harry tried to loosen Crouchs grip on his robes, but it was too powerful. Warn . . . Dumbledore . . . Ill get Dumbledore if you let go of me, said Harry. Just let go, Mr. Crouch, and Ill get him. . . . Thank you, Weatherby, and when you have done that, I would like a cup of tea. My wife and son will be arriving shortly, we are attending a conce canada goose small rt tonight with Mr. and Mrs. Fudge. Crouch was now talking fluently to a tree again, and seemed CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT .. 556 .. completely unaware that Harry was there, which surprised Harry so much he

this time, he had done everything in his power to prepare for the task. For another, this was the final hurdle, and however well or badly he did, the canada goose small tournament would at last be over, which would be an enormous relief. Breakfast was a very noisy affair at the Gryffindor table on the morning of the third task. The post owls appeared, bringing Harry a good-luck card from Sirius. It was only a piece of parchment, folded over and bearing a muddy paw print on its front, but Harry appreciated it all the same. A screech owl arrived for Hermione, carrying her morning copy of the Daily Prophet as usual. She unfolded the paper, glanced at the front page, and spat out a mouthful of pumpkin juice all over it. What? s canada goose small aid Harry and Ron together, staring at her. Nothing, said Hermione quickly, trying to