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and the thud of a plank being lowered onto the bank. People were disembarking; they could see their silhouettes BEAUXBATONS AND DURMSTRANG .. 247 .. passing the lights in the ships portholes. All of them, Harry noticed, seemed to be built along the lines of Crabbe and Goyle . . . but then, as they drew nearer, walking up the lawns into the light streaming from the entrance hall, he saw that their bulk was rea canada goose kensington parka jacket lly due to the fact that they were wearing cloaks of some kind of shaggy, matted fur. But the man who was leading them up to the castle canada goose kensington parka jacket was wearing furs of a different sort: sleek and silver, like his hair. Dumbledore! he called heartily as he walked up the slope. How are you, my dear fellow, how are you? Blooming, thank you, Professor Karkaroff, Dumbledore replied. Karkaroff had a

room, beaming at Harry, and walked up to Snapes desk at the front of the room. Yes? said Snape curtly. Please, sir, Im supposed to take Harry Potter upstairs. Snape stared down his hooked nose at Colin, whose smile faded from his eager face. Potter has another hour of Potions to complete, said Snape coldly. He will come upstairs when this class is finished. Colin went pink. Sir sir, Mr. Bagman wants him, he said nervously. All the champions h canada goose kensington parka jacket ave got to go, I think they want to take photographs. . . . Harry would have given anything he owned to have stopped Colin saying those last few words. He chanced half a glance at Ron, but Ron was sta canada goose kensington parka jacket ring determinedly at the ceiling. Very well, very well, Snape snapped. Potter, leave your things here, I want you back down here later to test your

a second later, something miraculous happened. . . . As he soared upward, as the wind rushed th canada goose kensington parka jacket rough his hair, as the crowds faces became mere flesh-colored pinpricks below, and the Horntail shrank to the size of a dog, he realized that he had left not only the ground behind, but also his fear. . . . He was back where he belonged. . . . This was just another Quidditch match, that was all . . . just another Quidditch match, and that Horntail was just another ugly opposing team. . . . He looked down at the clutch of eggs and spotted the gold one, gleaming against its cement-colored fellows, residing safely between the dragons front legs. Okay, Harry told himself, diversionary tactics . . . lets go. . . . He dived. The Horntails head followed him; he knew what it was going to canada goose kensington parka jacket do and pulled

package, including a new sweater green, with a picture of a dragon on it Harry supposed Charlie had told her all about the Horntail, and a large quantity of homemade mince pies. Harry and Ron met up with Hermione in the common room, and they went down to breakfast together. They spent most of the morning in Gryffindor Tower, where everyone was enjoying their presents, then returned to the Great Hall for a magnificent lunch, which included at least a hundred turkeys and Christmas puddings, and large piles of Cribbages Wizarding Crackers. They went out onto the grounds in the afternoon; the snow was untouc canada goose kensington parka jacket hed except for the deep channels made by the Durmstrang and B canada goose kensington parka jacket eauxbatons students on their way up to the castle. Hermione chose to watch Harry and the Weasleys snowball fight rather than

nearly all the bubbles had gone. . . . Underwater . . . Harry said slowly. Myrtle . . . what lives in the lake, apart from the giant squid? Oh all sorts, she said. I sometimes go down there . . . sometimes dont have any choice, if someone flushes my toilet when Im not expecting it. . . . Trying not to think about Moaning Myrtle zooming down a pipe to the lake with the contents of a toilet, Harry said, Well, does anything in there have a human voice? Hang on Harrys eyes had fallen on the picture of the snoozing mermaid on the wall. Myrtle, there arent merpeople in there, are there? Oooh, very good, she said, her thick glasses twinkling, it took Diggory canada goose kensington parka jacket much longer than that! And that was with her awake too Myrtle jerked her head toward the mermaid with an expression of great d canada goose kensington parka jacket islike on

whether youve been in my office or not. Harry said nothing. He turned back to his ginger roots canada goose kensington parka jacket once more, picked up his knife, and started slicing them again. He didnt like the sound of that Truth Potion at all, nor would he put it past Snape to slip him some. He repressed a shudder at the thought of what might come spilling out of his mouth if Snape did it . . . quite apart from landing a whole lot of people in trouble Hermione and Dobby for a start there were all the other things he was concealing . . . like the fact that he was in contact with Sirius . . . and his insides squirmed at the thought how he felt about CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN .. 518 .. Cho. . . . He tipped his ginger roots into the cauldron too, and wondered whether he ought to take a leaf out of Moodys boo canada goose kensington parka jacket k and start

walking off into the forest with Viktor Krum? I want you to swear, by return owl, that you are not going to go walking with anyone else at night. There is somebody highly dangerous at Hogwarts. It is clear to me that they wanted to stop Crouch from seeing Dumbledore and you were probably feet away from them in the dark. You could have been killed. Your name didnt get into the Goblet of Fire by accident. If someones trying to attack you, theyre on their last chance. Stay close to Ron and Hermione, do not leave Gryffindor Tower after hours, and arm yourself for the third task. Practice Stunning and Disarming. A few hexes wouldnt go amiss either. Theres nothing y canada goose kensington parka jacket ou can do about Crouch. Keep canada goose kensington parka jacket your head down and look after yourself. Im waiting for your letter giving me your word you wont stray

THIRTY-ONE .. 626 .. just in time, but could smell burning hair; it had singed the top of his head. The skrewt issued a blast of fire from its end and flew forward toward him. Impedimenta! Harry yelled. The spell hit the skrewts armor again and ricoche canada goose kensington parka jacket ted off; Harry staggered back a few paces and fell over. IMPEDIMENTA! The skrewt was inches from him when it froze he had managed to hit it on its fleshy, shell-less underside. Panting, Harry pushed himself away from it and ran, hard, in the opposite direction the Impediment Curse was not permanent; the skrewt would be regaining the use of its legs at any moment. He took a left path and hit a dead end, a canada goose kensington parka jacket right, and hit another; forcing himself to stop, heart hammering, he performed the Four- Point Spell again, backtracked, and chose a path