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sheets are changed, your fires lit, your classrooms cleaned, and y canada goose banff our food cooked by a group of magical creatures who are unpaid and enslaved? she kept saying fiercely. Some people, like Neville, had paid up just to stop Hermione from glowering at them. A few seemed mildly interested in what she had to say, but were reluctant to take a more active role in campaigning. Many regarded the whole thing as a joke. Ron now rolled his eyes at the ceiling, which was flooding them all in autumn sunlight, and Fred became extremely interested in his bacon both twins had refused to buy a S.P.E.W. badge. George, however, leane canada goose banff d in toward Hermione. Listen, have you ever been down in the kitchens, Hermione? No, of course not, said Hermione curtly, I hardly think students are supposed to Well, we have,

mak canada goose banff ing eye contact with each other. Harry thought even Professor Sprout seemed distant with him but then, she was Head of Hufflepuff House. He would have been looking forward to seeing Hagrid under normal circumstances, but Care of Magical Creatures meant seeing the Slytherins too the first time he would come face-to-face with them since becoming champion. Predictably, Malfoy arrived at Hagrids cabin with his familiar sneer firmly in place. Ah, look, boys, its the champion, he said to Crabbe and Goyle the moment he got within earshot of Harry. Go canada goose banff t your autograph books? Better get a signature now, because I doubt hes going to be around much longer. . . . Half the Triwizard champions have CHAPTER EIGHTEEN .. 294 .. died . . . how long dyou reckon youre going to last, Potter? Ten minutes

looking exhausted but very pleased. Well, now we know what to do next time I cant manage a THE FIRST TASK .. 347 .. spell, Harry said, throwing a rune dictionary back to Hermione, so he could try again, threaten me with a dragon. Right . . . He raised his wand once more. Accio Dictionary! The heavy book soared out of Hermiones hand, flew across the room, and Harry caught it. Harry, I really th canada goose banff ink youve got it! said Hermione delightedly. Just as long as it works tomorrow, Harry said. The Firebolts going to be much farther away than the stuff in here, its going to be in the castle, and Im going to be out there on the grounds. . . . That doesnt matte canada goose banff r, said Hermione firmly Just as long as youre concentrating really, really hard on it, itll come. Harry, wed better get some sleep . . . youre

ball with me? Parvati went into a fit of giggles. Harry waited for them to subside, his fingers crossed in the pocket of his robes. Yes, all right then, sh canada goose banff e said finally, blushing furiously. Thanks, said Harry, in relief. Lavender will you go with Ron? Shes going with Seamus, said Parvati, and the pair of them giggled harder than ever. Harry sighed. Cant you think of anyone whod go with Ron? he said, lowering his voice so that Ron wouldnt hear. What about Hermione Granger? said Parvati. Shes going with someone else. Parvati looked astonished. CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO .. 402 .. Ooooh who? she said keenly. Harry shrugged. No idea, he s canada goose banff aid. So what about Ron? Well . . . said Parvati slowly, I suppose my sister might . . . Padma, you know . . . in Ravenclaw. Ill ask her if you like. Yeah, that

tall, judging by the apple tree beside him, but his face was beardless, young, round, and smooth he looked hardly older than eleven. Tha was taken jus after I got inter Hogwarts, Hagri canada goose banff d croaked. Dad was dead chuffed . . . thought I migh not be a wizard, see, cos me mum . . . well, anyway. Course, I never was great shakes at magic, really . . . but at least he never saw me expelled. Died, see, in me second year. . . . Dumbledore was the one who stuck up for me after Dad went. Got me the gamekeeper job . . . trusts people, he does. Gives em second chances . . . thas what sets him apar from other heads, see. Hell accept anyone at Hogwarts, slong as theyve got the talent. Knows people can turn out okay even if their familie canada goose banff s weren . . . well . . . all tha respectable. But some don understand

fifty heavily armed merpeople who had to beat him into submission before tying him up. But I had my wand hidden up my sleeve, he assured Padma Patil, who seemed to be a lot keener on Ron now that he was getting so much attention and was making a point of talking to him O CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN .. 510 .. every time they passed in th canada goose banff e corridors. I couldve taken those mer-idiots any time I wanted. What were you going to do, snore at them? said Hermione waspishly. People had been teasing her so much about being the thing that Viktor Krum would most miss that she was in a rather tetchy mood. Rons ears went red, and thereafter, he reverted to the bewitched slee canada goose banff p version of events. As they entered March the weather became drier, but cruel winds skinned their hands and faces every time they went out

her, an all, said Hagrid grimly, stomping up the stairs. The less you lot ave ter do with these foreigners, the happier yehll be. Yeh can trust any of em. You were getting on all right with Madame Maxime, Harry said, annoyed. Don canada goose banff you talk ter me abou her! said Hagrid, and he looked quite frightening for a moment. Ive got her number now! Tryin ter get back i canada goose banff n me good books, tryin ter get me ter tell her whats comin in the third task. Ha! You can trust any of em! Hagrid was in such a bad mood, Harry was quite glad to say good-bye to him in front of the Fat Lady. He clambered through the portrait hole into the common room and hurried straight for the corner where Ron and Hermione were sitting, to tell them what had happened. C H A P T E R T W E N T Y - N I N E .. 564 .. THE DREAM t comes down

the castle for lunch. Mum Bill! said Ron, looking stunned, as he joined the Gryffindor table. Whatre you doing here? Come to watch Harry in the last task! said Mrs. Weasley brightly. I must say, it makes a lovely change, not having to cook. How was your exam? Oh . . . okay, said Ron. Couldnt remember all the goblin rebels names, so I invented a few. Its all right, he said canada goose banff , helping himself to a Cornish pasty, while Mrs. Weasley looked stern, theyre all called stuff like Bodrod the Bearded and Urg the Unclean; it wasn canada goose banff t hard. Fred, George, and Ginny came to sit next to them too, and Harry was having such a good time he felt almost as though he were back at the Burrow; he had forgotten to worry about that evenings task, and not until Hermione turned up, halfway through lunch, did he remember