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students had entered the Hall and settled down at altitude canada goose their House tables, the staff entered, filing up to the top table and taking their seats. Last in line were Professor Dumbledore, Professor Karkaroff, and Madame Maxime. When their headmistress appeared, the pupils from Beauxbatons leapt to their feet. A few of the Hogwarts students laughed. The Beauxbatons party appeared quite unembarrassed, however, and did not resume their seats until Madame Maxime had sat down on Dumbledores left-hand side. Dumbledore remained standing, and a silence fell over the Great Hall. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, ghosts and most particularly guests, said Dumbledor altitude canada goose e, beaming around at the foreign students. I have great pleasure in welcoming you all to Hogwarts. I hope and trust that your stay here will

a roll of parchment, which she stretched out between them on a crate of Mrs. Skowers All-Purpose Magical Mess Remover. She put the tip of the green quill into her mouth, sucked it for a moment with apparent relish, then placed it upright on the parchment, where i altitude canada goose t stood balanced on its point, quivering slightly. Testing . . . my name is Rita Skeeter, Daily Prophet reporter. Harry looked down quickly at the quill. The moment Rita Skeeter had spoken, the green quill had started to scribble, skidding across the parchment: Attractive blonde Rita S altitude canada goose keeter, forty-three, whose savage quill has punctured many inflated reputations Lovely, said Rita Skeeter, yet again, and she ripped the top piece of parchment off, crumpled it up, and stuffed it into her THE WEIGHING OF THE WANDS .. 305 .. handbag.

did it! An agains the Horntail an all, an yeh know Charlie said that was the wors Thanks, Hagrid, said Harry loudly, so that H altitude canada goose agrid wouldnt blunder on and reveal that he had shown Harry the dragons beforehand. Professor Moody looked very pleased too; his magical eye was dancing in its socket. Nice and easy does the trick, Potter, he growled. Right then, Potter, the first aid tent, please . . . said Professor McGonagall. Harry walked out of the enclosure, still panting, and saw Madam Pomfrey standing at the mouth of a second tent, looking worried. Dragons! she said, in a disgusted tone, pulling Harry inside. The tent was divided into cubicles; he could make out Cedrics shadow through the canvas, but Cedric didnt seem to be badly injur altitude canada goose ed; he was sitting up, at least. Madam Pomfrey examined

Durmstrang students entered with Professor Karkaroff. Krum was at the front of the party, accompanied by a pretty girl in blue robes Harry didnt know. Over their heads he saw that an area of lawn right in front of the castle had been tran altitude canada goose sformed into a sort of grotto full of fair altitude canada goose y lights meaning hundreds of actual living fairies were sitting in the rosebushes that had been conjured there, and fluttering over the statues of what seemed to be Father Christmas and his reindeer. Then Professor McGonagalls voice called, Champions over here, please! Parvati readjusted her bangles, beaming; she and Harry said See you in a minute to Ron and Padma and walked forward, the chattering crowd parting to let them through. Professor McGonagall, who was wearing dress robes of red tartan and had arranged a

hesitated, thinking . . . and then his curiosity got the bet altitude canada goose ter of him. He turned and set off in the opposite direction toward the nearest staircase. He was going to see what Crouch was up to. Harry walked down the stairs as quietly as possible, though the faces in some of the portraits still turned curiously at the squeak of a floorboard, the rustle of his pajamas. He crept along the corridor below, pushed aside a tapestry about halfway along, and proceeded down a narrower staircase, a shortcut that would take him down two floors. He kept glancing down at the map, wondering . . . It just didnt seem in character, somehow, for correct, law-abiding Mr. Crouch to be sneaking around somebody elses office this late at night. . . . And then, halfway down the sta altitude canada goose ircase, not thinking about what he

rocky foot of the mountain. Harry, altitude canada goose Ron, and Hermione climbed over the stile and followed. Sirius led them to the very foot of the mountain, where the ground was covered with boulders and rocks. It was easy for him, with his four paws, but Harry, Ron, and Hermione were soon out of breath. They followed Sirius higher, up onto the mountain itself. For nearly half an hour they climbed a steep, winding, and stony PADFOOT RETURNS .. 521 .. path, following Siriuss wagging tail, sweating in the sun, the shoulder straps of Harrys bag cutting into his altitude canada goose shoulders. Then, at last, Sirius slipped out of sight, and when they reached the place where he had vanished, they saw a narrow fissure in the rock. They squeezed into it and found themselves in a cool, dimly lit cave. Tethered at the end of it, one

disentangling her shawl from a lamp, he opened it an inch or so and settled back in his chintz armchair, so that a soft breeze played across his face. It was extremely comfor altitude canada goose table. My dears, said Professor Trelawney, sitting down in her winged armchair in front of the class and peering around at them all with her strangely enlarged eyes, we have almost finished our work on planetary divination. Today, however, will be an excellent opportunity to examine the effects of Mars, for he is placed most interestingly at the present time. If you will all look this way, I will dim the lights. . . . She waved her wand and the lamps went out. The fire was the only source of light now. Professor Trelawney bent down and lifted, from under her chair, a miniature model o altitude canada goose f the solar system, contained

unless you can answer my riddle. Answer on your first guess I let you pass. Answer wrongly I attack. Remain silent I will let you walk away from me unscathed. Harrys stomach slipped several notches. It altitude canada goose was Hermione who was good at this sort of thing, not him. He weighed his chances. If the riddle was too hard, he could keep silent, get away from the sphinx unharmed, and try and find an alternative route to the center. Okay, he said. Can I hear the riddle? The sphinx sat down upon her hind legs, in the very middle of the path, and recited: First think of the person who lives in disguise, Who deals in secrets and tells n altitude canada goose aught but lies. Next, tell me whats always the last thing to mend, The middle of middle and end of the end? And finally give me the sound often heard During the search for