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head looked Cao Yuan Deng promise, constantly undulating between the chest and abdomen, is clearly not a light gas. If the disciples of Shaolin and Wudang allow publicly acknowledged Evil Under the leadership of Big Brother has repented, and the peaceful lebron style shoes coexistence of the two factions willing and Evil na. Yue Buqun face anger, Cao promise of expression is extremely relaxed, he smiled, slowly opening. In short, suddenly died down inside the house, after quite a while sounded Yue Buqun Nu Ji smiled sound. Darn words, darn, then do not give me out. Snow is almost Cao Yue Buqun drive a lebron style shoes leave

goes to sleep under. This line of dark wood cliff some extremely lebron style shoes well, just waiting for him to return to Songshan, meet with Founder, Chongxu, and Yue Buqun Evil will be able to successfully complete the task. All things calmed down, Cao promise a sense it is very fragrant sleep, do not lebron style shoes want, after midnight, when all of a sudden came the shrill cries woke him. After turning the sky, his hands holding the sword has been careful vigilance quite a while to confirm safety around, Cao promise that the bag immediately around him, and put on clothes, this turned out leapt from the window eaves. That shrill cries from his home off

Cup crowd stood outside, watching the numerous Warrior could not resist a little noisy sigh, tonight is his triumph in last night, the last night, he would return to space. How alone a person drink alone. Suddenly, a hearty voice sounded behind him, smiled and turned to lebron style shoes Cao promise, we can see the wind carrying a jug solution Gai standing behind him. The original is the solution of the main fact. Connaught natural Cao raised his glass, the latter readily thrown over a jug, Cao promise slightly surprised lebron style shoes a moment, then Perfectionist smile, catch jug, hand next to the glass on the window sillOn

addition, suddenly, a page of data in front of Cao son Enoch. Dongxuan ring, B + level, over 600 cubic meters of storage space, after wearing has the effect of concentration, static gas, the price of twenty thousand. Qianyuan ring, B + level, over 600 cubic meters of storage space, after wearing has the effect of lebron style shoes speeding up injury recovery, prices, twenty thousand. Arranged for a series of data, Cao promise but only found the space to sell the storage ring is not entirely storage purposes, there are some other effects. Guide, help me pick out for the spiritual body has hurt the storage ring, the price can be appropriate to lebron style shoes mention

come. Cao promise remember the first zombie movie seems to have appeared in this place. This is the story of the world since it is Resident Evil, it must have and zombie-related tasks. Cao was not sure promise of God organized the group fall guy will not think of this information, lebron style shoes if those guys did lebron style shoes not think he would take a zombie doing this first article, might be able to find out what the task, if those guys think, That he did not. Zombie who could lead the task, but it is not enough to let Cao did promise to give Alice a half-day work, this world of Resident Evil

, outside, inside the channel has been concerned about the crowd could not help but exclaim numerous times already, but, seeing Cao promise that the light has escaped the attack, did not want to, and that light is actually lebron style shoes about to cross the promise when Cao Meng cut. At this time Cao Novo effort done, but also because his hands behind him strongly toward the supine and extended, if not cut off the head of Cao promise that light cut, it can certainly cut off his hands. Chapter 62 alien guy correcting Ps: gratitude Gu Jian unparalleled brothers playing tours, crow Bese, Thanks for the support! ! ! Is not. lebron style shoes Channel outside

that seemed puzzled look. That guy, that oriental warrior, I remember that had never been seen lebron style shoes on the train when he put the box sitting position. Ryan slowly opening, his voice is not high, Hughes behind Cheung lebron style shoes Tat is suddenly like a phantom-like moves to his side grabbed him by the collar to be picked up. You sure. Words, Cheung Tat said teeth, Ryan can not figure out, Cao Nuoming Ming with nothing, but it is how to take the box, but it can be figured out who these contracts, because they know there is something called space Storage Ring

tone, this smart program more and more like human beings, but in the end still a little computer board. Snow looked Cao Zhang Da, had to admit, unless the individual is lebron style shoes not very significant mountain because of luck, most people can get from the novice to strengthen the story is not simple, this amounted to no dew before, but really more than that leader clever too. He proposed at this time has undoubtedly let Cao promise a little bit heart. He also has an Alice task, need to wait a very long time, and flame Queen lebron style shoes motherboard, he seems to want to take it is extremely difficult. First, he wanted to kill