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Cao promise this is the first master of the political arena and no one can, and the first head of the martial art. Founder although the Shaolin abbot, but the face of this identity Cao promise indeed have to give a little face. Thank abbot, today many disciples have offended, it is all the lebron 11 only from asked the whereabouts of the senior population, but also make sure Founder indulgences. Founder that is promised this, Cao promise nor in life, the moment immediately apologize to the Founder. Today, many donor wanted something, go ahead and busy, until the time when, although nothing can come of Shaolin. Founder lifetime Xiufo all the lebron 11 contention

years, but arguably the number one extremely tai chi martial arts, the other in the world can not all the lebron 11 say that this is the only Magic windy all the lebron 11 in fear, and that canon Yijinjing can not belong to more than one martial art, and Evil talent, it is impossible that no one can comprehend tai chi, but why eighty years Jingmei people practicing tai chi by this. Now Cao Snow finally understand that is not human Evil did not want to practice, but it simply can not be called by practicing tai chi, tai chi practice this is just Zhanglao road diary, which documented a lot of sentiment, known as tai chi for people

. Chongxu trembling asked, Cao son Enoch Light smiled and nodded to the parcel delivery in the past. Today things to carry on. Chapter 47 wind took away strips, Wudang Taiji recovered all the lebron 11 after missing nearly a century and Zhenwu sword, Shaolin was priceless Fan Wenyuan version of the Diamond Sutra, and that ancient beads, and five mountains faction, Linghu become a priest moon , as long as the school head Yue Buqun or five mountains, the sun and moon and five mountains to teach all the lebron 11 would be tantamount to a faction, no sword could meet. Even then the outcome is so picky people are afraid of is not enough to find a shred of. Except tragedy

five Snake gifts, Xixingtaifa not sell, so. Xu then wait for opening day, Cao promise quickly stuffed inside the back Xixingtaifa pregnant, which Cheats also valuable, but not suitable for all the lebron 11 day-wook, in fact, this is for maverick prepared to live with the dead, and Japanese Asahi position decided he did not need, do not want to date Cao Xu promise to buy the friendship Cheats. Ye men yo. Beside the helpless woman whispered loudly, Cao Snow and Japanese Asahi slightly surprised a moment, then laughed with apparent. all the lebron 11 Cao promise first stall they ended in laughter, and his income

quests, please contract by trying to make Alice recovered memory, this task is Alice exclusive task, you can get 500 points to strengthen the success of point all the lebron 11 rewards, no failure of any punishment. Mechanical voice, let Cao Novo feel extremely appealing, biochemistry series eternal protagonist, really extraordinary, is only able to get to their quests to befriend such a good impression of the trigger, or do not have that any punishment. Secretly a joy, Cao promise of his face was still an indifferent look, he was familiar all the lebron 11 with the story know that this task does not need to deliberately do not even

I wish you success. This guy indifferent all the lebron 11 opening, speaking slowly pushed aside, actually no intention and Cao promise and go bald captain a meaning. Follow me, since acting together, you are my all the lebron 11 partner, I'm not dead before, I guarantee you is absolutely safe. Stride forward towards the channel away, walked bald captain when Cao Novo cold voice openings at this time Cao promise indifferent face expressionless, but it is a kind of steel soldiers atmosphere. I will also take you as being partners, but only temporarily, to be honest, I do not like it,

task. Resident Evil one main quest, dark escape, Resident Evil requirements will result in a culprit Ryan appeared unharmed all the lebron 11 away from the hive, mission success can get a T-virus, strengthening point ten thousand points, double reinforced point deduction task failure . This is a very simple task, all the lebron 11 when the task is to guide those who say, when God only trouble falling member organizations faced only one, that is, the loss of Ryan was eating a mouthful. It can not afford to count intact, and that no one knows when bitten off Ryan becomes a zombie. Fortunately,

Beam the world. Zhang Da continue opening, this sentence finally let Cao sub-sulfamethoxazole white sheets of meaning. Eighty percent agreed all the lebron 11 that the contract would be the end of the story world novice, this provision Cao promise still remember, windy world he has experienced such a thing. But, this rule does not seem to be the sheets of chips, he Cao promise not to leave this world at once. This is following a strange, strange lot. Zhang continued opening up, he raised his hands slightly sword, my all the lebron 11 sword is very strong, but not strong enough to ignore everything absolutely realm,