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bluey-whiteness of the flames almost painful on the eyes. Everyone watched, waiting. . . . A few people kept checkin canada goose trillium parka g their watches. . . . Any second, Lee Jordan whispered, two seats away from Harry. THE GOBLET OF FIRE .. 269 .. The flames inside the goblet turned suddenly red again. Sparks began to fly from it. Next moment, a tongue of flame shot into the air, a charred piece of parchment flu canada goose trillium parka ttered out of it the whole room gasped. Dumbledore caught the piece of parchment and held it at arms length, so that he could read it by the light of the flames, which had turned back to blue-white. The champion for Durmstrang, he read, in a strong, clear voice, will be Viktor Krum. No surprises there! yelled Ron as a storm of applause and cheering swept the Hall. Harry saw Viktor Krum rise from the

for. He was very curious to know what this might be; Hagrid had never asked Harry to visit him so late at night. At half past eleven canada goose trillium parka that evening, Harry, who had pretended to go up to bed early, pulled the Invisibility Cloak back over canada goose trillium parka himself and crept back downstairs through the common room. Quite a few people were still in there. The Creevey brothers had managed to get hold of a stack of Support Cedric Diggory! badges and were trying to bewitch them to make them say Support Harry Potter! instead. So far, however, all they had managed to do was get the badges stuck on POTTER STINKS. Harry crept past them to the portrait hole and waited for a minute or so, keeping an eye on his watch. Then Hermione opened the Fat Lady for him from outside as they had planned. He slipped past her with a

ceiling to their counterparts above. At least a hundred little elves were standing around the kitchen, beaming, bowing, and curtsying as Dobby led Harry past them. They were all wearing the same uniform: a tea towel stamped with the Hogwarts crest, and tied, as Winkys had been, like a toga. Dobby stopped in front of the brick fireplace and pointed. Winky, sir! he said. Winky was sitting on a stool by the fire. Unlike Dobby, she had obviously not foraged for clothes. She was wearing a neat little skirt and blouse with a matching blue hat, which had holes in it for her THE HOUSE-ELF LIBERATI canada goose trillium parka ON FRONT .. 377 .. large ears. However, while every one of Dobbys strange collection of garments was so canada goose trillium parka clean and well cared for that it looked brandnew, Winky was plainly not taking care of her clothes

stairs toward him. Cedric looked as though he didnt want to say whatever it was in front of Ron, who shrugged, looking bad-tempered, and continued to climb the stairs. Listen . . . Cedric lowered his voice as Ron disappeared. I owe you one for telling me about the dragons. You know that golden egg? Does yours wail when you open it? Yeah, said Harry. Well . . . take a bath, okay? What? Take a bath, and er take the egg with you, and er just mull things over in the hot water. Itll help you think. . . . Trust me. Harry stared at him. Tell you what, Ced canada goose trillium parka ric said, use the prefect canada goose trillium parka s bathroom. Fourth door to the left of that statue of Boris the Bewildered on the fifth floor. Passwords ‘pine fresh. Gotta go . . . want to say good night CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE .. 432 .. He grinned at Harry again

two pints of water, half a pound of shredded mandrake lea canada goose trillium parka ves, and a newt . . . I dont reckon it can be done, said Rons voice flatly from the other side of the table. Theres nothing. Nothing. Closest was that thing to dry up puddles and ponds, that Drought Charm, but that was nowhere near powerful enough to drain the lake. There must be something, Hermione muttered, moving a candle closer to her. Her eyes were so tired she was poring over the tiny print canada goose trillium parka of Olde and Forgotten Bewitchments and Charmes with her nose about an inch from the page. Theyd never have set a task that was undoable. They have, said Ron. Harry, just go down to the lake tomorrow, right, stick your head in, yell at the merpeople to give back whatever theyve nicked, and see if they chuck it out. Best you can do, mate.

his own. Pigwidgeon was much too small to carry an entire ham up to the mountain by himself, so Harry enlisted the help of two school screech owls as well. When they had set off into the dusk, looking extremely odd carrying the large package between them, Harry leaned on the windowsill, looking out at the grounds, at the dark, rustling treetops of the Forbidden Forest, and the rippling sails of CHAPTER TWENTY canada goose trillium parka -EIGHT .. 540 .. the Durmstrang ship. An eagle owl flew through the coil of smoke rising from Hagrids chimney; it soared toward the castle, around the Owlery, and out of sight. Looking down, Harry saw Hagrid digging energetically in front of his cabin. Harry wondered what he was doing; it looked as though he were making a new vegetable patch. As he watc canada goose trillium parka hed, Madame Maxime emerged from

594 .. Harry looked up at Crouch and saw that he looked gaunter and grayer than ever before. A nerve was twitching in his temple. Bring them in, he said, and his voice echoed through the silent dungeon. The door in the corner opened yet again. Six dementors entered this time, fl canada goose trillium parka anking a group of four people. Harry saw the people in the crowd turn to look up at Mr. Crouch. A few of them whispered to one another. The dementors placed each of the four people in the four chairs with chained arms that now stood on the dungeon floor. There was a thickset man who stared blankly up at Crouch; a canada goose trillium parka thinner and more nervous-looking man, whose eyes were darting around the crowd; a woman with thick, shining dark hair and heavily hooded eyes, who was sitting in the chained chair as though it were a throne

trembling, picked up a small twig on the ground and crushed it into powder. My Lord, he whispered. Master . . . it is beautiful . . . thank you . . . thank you. . . . He scrambled forward on canada goose trillium parka his knees and kissed the hem of Voldemorts robes. CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE .. 650 .. May your loyalty never waver again, Wormtail, said Voldemort. No, my Lord . . . never, my Lord . . . Wormtail stood up and took his place in the circle, staring at his powerful new hand, his face still shining with tears. Voldemort now approached the man on Wormtails right. Lucius, my slippery friend, he whispered, halting before him. I am told that you have not renounced the old ways, though to the wor canada goose trillium parka ld you present a respectable face. You are still ready to take the lead in a spot of Muggle-torture, I believe? Yet you